Transport & Track Services

premier services at the track for the north east region

Since we at Royale are highly active within the North East Vintage Racing scene, we strive to ensure our customers have a satisfying experience both ON and OFF the track. To this end, Royale offers a complete line of transport and trackside services. On the main page, Royale has outlined the current 2016 race schedule, so reserve your slot and join us for a weekend of racing and camaraderie!

*** 5/1/2010 ANNOUNCEMENT ***  Royale Racing requires a deposit for all scheduled events. Please read the TRANSPORT POLICY for further details.

The ‘Royale’ Package

You make the commitment to Royale Racing and we make one to you…. commit to us prepping, preparing and transporting your car to races.  We do all the race prep for each event you go to at a reduced hourly rate, in addition the flat fee for transport is reduced; track support is included!  In effect, you will have a mechanic on call all weekend plus your own personal service technician.  Your racing and race car will take precedent even if Royale is running at the event.  Minor repairs and set ups are included in this option; this means if something minor fails or such it will be repaired at no costs except any parts & material that may be used. We will work as long as needed to get you back on the track.  If we do major work, you really busted something you will be charged for that work at the negotiated fee or flat rate for enhanced service. Royale Racing will also do “coaching” as part of the service (at your request), which includes GoPro Video, GPS telemetry, and good ol fashioned watching you drive at different points at the track, and then working with you to improve.  Off Track, customers also get a discount on off season storage, race season storage is already covered.

Cost Structure
** Call to discuss


As of 2010, Royale Racing has several support trailers in use for customer transportation. Depending on the Calendar of Events and current customer interest, Royale can accommodate 2 separate race venues on a single weekend or up to 6 cars at a single premier event.

Part of your transport fees include: full access to pit equipment, electric, air, table, chairs, and equipped tools. Royale will provide room under the main 40′ canopy or can/will provide a separate canopy at no charge for you and your guests – so PIT with Royale Racing and enjoy the camaraderie.

Transport — $450.00 Flat Rate

Track Support

In addition to the capabilities outlined above for transportation, Track Support can be added to enhance the weekends enjoyment!

Track support allows YOU, the racer, to concentrate on driving, learning the track, and spending time with other vintage racing enthusiasts. All the while not having to worry about the numerous pre-race checklists, tech inspections, and preparations required for each race session. Track Support includes but is not limited to the following: tech inspection, refueling, tire pressure, lug torque, battery maintenance, fluid checkups, minor setup changes, minor maintenance*, car wipe downs, lap times, track discussions, etc…

* Parts and excessive supplies are not covered and will be added to bill as a surcharge – call to discuss in detail if there are any questions

Ad-Hoc Support
Track Mechanic — $95.00/Hour  *Not Available at all events
Track Services — $55.00/Hour

Scheduled Support
Track Mechanic — $250/Day  *$100 Discount on Transport will be applied
Track Services — INCLUDED